ARTAS™ iXi Robotic Hair Restoration

Are YOU suffering from hair loss, a receding hairline, or thinning hair?

ARTAS™ iXi Robotic Hair Restoration is the most intelligent hair loss solution in North Dakota! Now featured here in Fargo, ND at Everest Regenerative Medicine (ERM).

Exceptional Care - Excellence In Service

At ERM, we are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare and aesthetic services that empower our patients to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. With a team of skilled professionals and a comprehensive range of cutting-edge treatments, we strive to deliver personalized care that exceeds expectations and achieves remarkable results.

Your Premier Destination

Our highly skilled and trained team will treat you with compassion, kindness, and competence to ensure you have an outstanding experience.

The Latest Technology

We use the latest physician-assisted ARTAS™ iXi Robotic Hair Restoration System to identify your optimal hairs to use for transplant.

The Best Treatments 

Our treatments offer noticeable, permanent, thicker visible hair growth starting at six months with continued growth over time.


Feel years younger with ARTAS™ iXi Robotic Hair Restoration Transplant. This FDA-cleared, Physician-Assisted technology provides permanent and natural-looking hair restoration.

This minimally invasive hair restoration procedure does not leave a linear scar, so you have the freedom to cut and style your hair the way you like without having to hide a scar. For a hair restoration consultation click to call 701-515-3030